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Harland Clarke

Managed Onboarding

First year attrition rates can be as high as 40% at some financial institutions.*

Don't let that time slip by without making the most of the opportunity to connect with, learn from and extend the relationship with new account holders!

SpringBoard is a digital onboarding solution for financial institutions, using email communications to provide high-value educational content, solicit account holder feedback through online surveys, cross-sell based on product interest and promote better customer service through "hot alerts" sent to your team when low levels of satisfaction are detected.

SpringBoard wheel What is SpringBoard?
  • Automated, multi-touch email program for new account holders
  • Includes managed monthly email newsletters
  • Ready-to-use email templates
  • Financial education content written by financial experts
  • Dynamic cross-sell messaging
  • Online survey mechanisms designed by research experts
  • Internal alerts for low satisfaction scores
  • Quarterly data analysis with recommendations

SpringBoard: Onboarding for the digital age.

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An interactive look at SpringBoard: Digital Onboarding For Your Account Holder.

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