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Harland Clarke



The mortgage division of one of the 10 largest banks in the United States recognized an opportunity to implement a local search strategy to attract highly qualified leads for its mortgage loan officers (MLOs).

To the financial institution, it meant establishing and optimizing the local profiles of its MLOs and developing a keyword strategy to reach a targeted audience while building a strong presence in local directories.


While the internet allowed this financial institution to reach millions of potential clients from a corporate perspective, the mortgage loan officers (MLOs) at each localized branch were experiencing difficulties attracting well-qualified prospects for its products and services.

It was important for this financial institution to see a lift in qualified leads no matter the size of the geographical footprint of each local individualized branch. With no local search strategy in place, it was time for this financial institution to spring into action.


To help increase the number of qualified leads, this financial institution implemented search engine-friendly web pages for each MLO using local content management technology. Capitalizing on the increased tendency for web users to search for products and services using local qualifiers (e.g., city, ZIP), web pages built using SiteAxys™ technology helped MLOs generate awareness of their services within specific geographic regions.

SiteAxys technology provided each MLO with an individual page optimized for local SEO using keyword-rich content, proper data feed and listing management to the online ecosystem, claimed and optimized Google+ local profiles, and an easy-to-use local CMS for controlled and moderated content updates. The financial institution then used click-to-call links and web forms to convert local page visitors into leads for its MLOs.

Within the first three months of implementation, the results were evident. The visit-to-call conversion rate increased from 50 percent to 70 percent due to more qualified traffic being driven to the site. Overall, these pages generated more than 6,500 leads, and the total cost per lead decreased 26 percent.

This financial institution recognized the opportunity for localized search to have a positive impact on its mortgage lead acquisition strategy. As web users continue to seek out information at a more local level, this institution is well-positioned to reap the benefits of driving qualified traffic to its website, and subsequently into its mortgage program.

SiteAxys Case Study

SiteAxys Case Study