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Effectively communicate with members.

Oftentimes, the information collected during a claims report only provides you with pertinent information for that particular incident. Through extended research and survey, you can identify current and potential health risks to members by gathering data that may not represented in a claim.

Research includes initiatives such as:
  • Health risk assessments
  • Health surveys
  • Disease management/functional status satisfaction surveys
  • Case and care management satisfaction surveys
  • Member and new member loyalty surveys
  • Physician loyalty surveys

Maximize Performance Through Powerful Knowledge and Insight

Research & Insights research and data collection expertise allows decision-makers to focus and take action more quickly on accurate and insightful data by helping them:

  • Understand key drivers for satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy among customers.
  • Identify new revenue and growth opportunities.
  • Attract and growing new customer relationships.
  • Turn marginally profitable customers into profitable ones.
  • Implement intelligent business decisions that lead to bottom-line profitability.
Our healthcare industry experience allows us to understand and meet your survey research needs based on your specific objectives.
Healthcare Survey Services

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